Meet Anna

My name is Anna! I run 80% on caffeine and 20% on cupcakes. I have two goldendoodles (George & Bitsy) and they're the loves of my life. I was born & raised  in Upstate, NY and live in a tiny little city called Plattsburgh (about an hour away from Montreal!). I am an extreme homebody and really love being in Plattsburgh, New York. I love to be outdoors so you'll find me hiking in the nearby woods and walking the shores of Lake Champlain. I have a heart & mind for traveling. I have a list of places to go! I hope to someday relocate to a new state somewhere down south. 

I love to take photos of everything simply so I can go back through the photos someday and re-live everything I am seeing & feeling today. I hope to someday work from home & own my very own business and that is why I started Elle Belle! I have a wandering mind and heart, so I hope to wander all over until I find the perfect place to call home. I have a list of hopes & dreams and most of them circle around this blog right here. Follow my blog & hear my stories! :-)

Meet George & Bitsy! My two little rugrats. 

Meet George & Bitsy! My two little rugrats. 

"I live to work on passionate projects. When I don't find or feel passion in what I'm doing, I re-route and re-think. There is nothing wrong with re-dos and I feel that writing gives me as many re-dos as I want. The beauty is what is in your head and everyone around you wants to listen. Speak up, say it, write it, feel it, fix it and be passionate. When you do it the right way, the passion speaks louder than the actual words do." 

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Our Story

Meet Ella! This little lady is my go-to gal. She is my little cousin who I've been fortunate enough to be close with my entire life. The entire process of creating a blog was extremely long and difficult. I had no experience in the blogging world. Once I narrowed my favorite blogging topics down, I needed to decide on a business name. I wanted a name that was both unique and meaningful. I didn't want to have a business name that had no story, no logical explanation for choosing it, etc. 

Elle Belle became "real" in March of 2016. Finally, after months of narrowing down possibilities, the light-bulb went off, and I decided "Elle Belle" was perfect (pronounced as "L bell"). Since picking the name Elle Belle, Ella has joined me on shopping sprees for the blog, photo-shoots and more. She has given her ideas and opinions and is just as involved as me. Age doesn't matter, she is my little assistant and soul-sista!

"sprinkle some glitter wherever you go"