Friday Introductions: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Happy Friday!

There is this thing blogger's do called "Friday Introductions". I haven't really figured out entirely why we do it, BUT I do like it! On Friday, bloggers use their blogs, social media or both to introduce themselves with some things you don't know about them. Now, I won't be doing it every Friday but I decided to participate this Friday!! Some of you might know some of this stuff if we've spoken before and/or you know me...but some might seem weird and surprising! Finding 10 things to write about yourself is an extreme challenge for me (imagine how hard my About Me page was to write...) so enjoy!

Here I am enjoying one of the best

Here I am enjoying one of the best

1. I almost moved from Upstate, NY to Washington D.C.

Washington is my favorite city EVER. It is totally my dream location and place to live! After being offered a job in Washington I was torn because I didn't know if I wanted to move. For quite a few days I really thought I was going to move there! I did change my mind though (I wasn't ready to leave!) and still live in my hometown! I do have plans to eventually move there, hopefully in the near future.

2. My dream career would include law.

Yes, law! I am extremely fascinated with law, criminal justice and court cases. If I had been a better student and loved school enough, becoming a lawyer would have been my #1 choice for my career. TV shows that have bad-ass lawyers in them make me extremely jealous and wish I had tried harder with school. I bet you understand why I am obsessed with #HTGAWM and #Scandal! Olivia Pope is my idol (obviously not in that crazy, break-the-law kinda way but in the way that she is so intelligent at her job!)

3. I love blue!

Blue is my absolute favorite color! If I could paint everything in some shade of blue and wear blue all day and have all my furniture blue, I wouldn't mind. A lot of people change their favorite color as they get older but I've never changed and never plan to! My favorite accessories, shirts and pieces of jewelry are blue too. I have loved it my entire life and to this day obsess over the color! Any and all forms of blue are welcome here!

4. I wanted to be a blogger before I even knew what blogging was!

Yes, that statement is true. As a kid, I read one of my mom's friends blogs and told my mom I would someday start my own blog. (Dreams came true because here I am!) I first started reading about how to start a blog when I was in middle school and actually started a "gossip website" and wrote about celebrities, friends and enemies! Haha!

5. I love salad.

I don't just love salad because "bloggers always seem to love salad for photo opportunities". I actually love salad and choose to eat salad 98% of the time over other foods! My favorite salad is in the photo above. It is from a locally owned deli in Plattsburgh, NY and I eat there regularly. Hand me a salad with some Arnold Palmer and I will be the happiest girl in the world. 

6. Chip & Joanna Gaines are my idols.

I don't even mean that lightly. I am obsessed with them. I order from their store (regardless of how broke I am), I watch their tv show so much I have written myself notes for my future self and when I own a house so I know which episodes to re-watch AND I just love them as a couple. I think they're awesome. I'm a fan girl. I need to get my butt to Waco, TX. 

7. Firm believer in ghosts, mediums and all things spiritual! 

I have been to a medium and had an amazing experience, but even before that I was always a believer. I watch alllllll those ghost shows you can find on a lazy Sunday morning, and I binge them on Netflix when they're available! I really do believe everything you tell me about this kind of stuff. I love hearing stories, sharing stories, anything!! I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff...I find it fascinating! 

8. I'm allergic to apples. 

How weird is that? I know, I know. I've only ever met one other person who has the same allergy. My lips get huge hives on them! Its gross and also uncomfortable. Once when I was in 3rd grade (the allergy started around that time), I was sent home from school due to the hives on my lips...I was scaring other kids and "distracting" them! Apples were one of my favorite foods so it really was sad when I stopped eating them!

9. If I could rescue ALL animals, I would.

My two babies! Bitsy on the left and George on the right!

My two babies! Bitsy on the left and George on the right!

This would be a dream for me. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to a lot of animals and can't stand being around shedding creatures for too, too long. If this wasn't the case, I'd live to rescue animals. I love them and I love the idea of helping them by opening my home up to them.

10. I have severe migraines. 

I have the worst migraines. I have luckily found remedies to help prevent these migraines from happening but there was a time period when I was getting them almost every single day. I have been on medication for them and have somehow found some success in essential oils and organic remedies! I will share some information on my migraines this month so stay tuned!!