Global Warming: You Should Care

let's shed some light on our world

In honor of Inauguration Day, we thought this would be the perfect time to click that big "publish" button on a topic like this one! A new beginning means we can tackle this head on, and we can stop denying the happenings of this, and start working to repair and fix it together. You'll see me saying that many times throughout that post. I've got a very simple and clear message for everyone in this post. All shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, political parties, EVERYONE. We can all read this and stand side by side and know it is equally our fault and equally our responsibility to fix the damage we have done. I really hope starting today the world and ALL political parties can learn to work together on a topic such as this one. 

I am so excited to share this post on the blog today. I really feel like it is my most informative and important post since launching. Please keep an open mind & think very thoroughly about this topic as you read. 

When discussing this topic, I really like to look back at a comment George Clooney made in regards to global warming during an interview with NBC News. I think it explains the doubt along with the facts perfectly in an extremely simplified/basic way, and it avoids all of the background scientific terms to make it THAT much easier for everyone to comprehend:

“Well, it's just a stupid argument. If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you 'you are sick' and 1 percent that says 'you're fine,' you probably want to hang out with, check it up with the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What's the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?"

What are you waiting for? Speak Up.

For those who don't fully "understand" what I am exactly talking about: global warming is the result of an increase in the earth's average surface temperature. This past year (2016) we broke records and it was confirmed by NASA & NOAA that it was the hottest year on record. The increase in temperature is due to and caused by greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide. These gases are obviously required for the presence of human life but due to our over-usage and bad habits and abusing the greenhouse gases, global warming is happening as a direct result. These greenhouse gases will remain in our atmosphere for several years. Long story short, this means we cannot directly change global warming for many years to come. That is why we need to start working on this issue right now. We need time because this cannot fix itself overnight.

I'm the kind of girl who loves a great view. I love to sit by the lake and watch the waves crash to the shore. I love to walk through the woods during the prime fall season because the leaves changing are the best part of the Adirondack Mountains. I love going for a jog and breathing in really crisp, fresh and light weight air. I really just love everything fresh, beautiful and natural around me. I think most people do. What if the world I am so used to seeing, so used to loving, so used to breathing normally in, is suddenly heavy, dark, cloudy and polluted? What if the clouds stop looking pretty due to the clouds being pollution? What if we no longer see sunny, picture-perfect days because the pollution is cascading a bubble around us? What do we do then? There are already places in the world facing these issues, so don't think that this won't happen to us someday.

I want to explain that this isn't something I'm just blogging about to give you an article to read. As a young child, my concern with the safety of our earth came quickly. I remember when my papa had surgery and when I went to visit him in the hospital, I was entirely grossed out by the hospital's choices of cups and plates. His small, skinny square hospital table was covered with a minimum of 10 Styrofoam items. I find the product Styrofoam disgusting and always have. The texture, the look, the way I feel when I hold it in my thank you. It doesn't dissolve in the ground for thousands of years (if that). So why are we even using it? Why is it even legal? I went home that night and wrote a letter to the President of the Hospital and my mom helped me mail it. I didn't have my own computer, I didn't have very nice writing, I didn't even have proper grammar, but I wrote it and mailed it anyways. I nicely explained that that should NOT be happening and they should look into other methods of cups and plates. They should be using enviromental friendly options. Especially in a place such as a hospital. 

One thing that I think we all need to remember is that today does mark a day of change. Some consider this a really great day and others were dreading this day. Some cried tears of joy and others tears of sorrow. Regardless, I think we need to stand together and especially on environmental issues. We need to approach the issues in our world with dignity, with class and with common sense. In a perfect world, we would all come together to fix things such as climate change. Due to some who don't believe in climate change or don't want to learn about it, we will always be a few steps farther back. It doesn't have to be this way. I really hope that after reading this article you take a deeper look into the issue. Find out what you can do. Research what needs to be done to help repair our world. So yes, it is Inauguration Day. Instead of looking at this day in sadness (for those who are sad), let's look at it with a positive outlook, regardless of who you voted for, and start working to make a difference. Channel allllll your negative energy towards something that matters. The SMALLEST efforts will help, so please, work to fix this with us. 

This has always been something that bothered me and I know it bothers so many of my friends and family members too. In the back of my mind, the #1 thing that frightens me to death about our controversial world is the condition we are leaving the planet in for the next generations. If this is a fear for children, that should be a red flag. I know and accept the fact that this is not something that can be repaired or fixed quickly and others my age do too. It needs time, it will need some money and it will need patience and understanding. However, I would much rather live in a world where we have less use for electricity and more use for solar panels in your backyard, renewable energy only, cars without fuel, etc. The world should be changing and becoming more efficient with time. Energy saving products is something we should be taking 100% advantage of. 

I think about the damage we have done to our ozone, our oceans, our air, but I think about the damage we have done to the animals every single day. I think about how I learned about dinosaurs being extinct in elementary school. I used to be fascinated by it. It was history that you always wish you could have seen for yourself. Even though they explain to you how/why they believe the dinosaurs and other species are now extinct, you always wonder if that is really what happened. By 2030 they are predicting polar bears, bison, giraffes, monkeys, and more will all be facing the extinction. Yes, extinction. Gone forever. Animals that I love to read about, see photos of, and hope to one day see in real life, gone. What do we do when they are gone? We are putting their lives on a "to be decided" list by continuing the way we treat our planet. (Explore the endangered species in your state here!) There are so many things we need to start working on today. 

You Can Help 

I am not asking you to drop everything, change your entire lifestyle, or anything insane. I am asking you to be aware and think about your actions before taking them. I'm asking you to do basic tasks in a healthier way and help clean up our planet. I'm sure you can think of something in your life that needs why not start now? 

  • Walk more, drive less
  • Unplug your phone charger in the morning
  • Turn lights off in the rooms you are not using at that moment
  • Recycle your cans and bottles
  • Recycle your paper
  • Do not throw garbage anywhere but IN the garbage bag (meaning do not chuck stuff out your car window)
  • Use reusable grocery bags when you go shopping
  • When you see garbage in the streets or on the sidewalk next to you, pick it up
  • Buy light-bulbs that are better for the environment next time you're at the store
  • Purchase products from environmental-friendly companies, avoid buying from companies that deny climate change
  • Avoid buying bottles and cans as often as you possibly can (purchase a re-usable water bottle instead!)
  • Don't purchase or use styrofoam

Keep in mind, these are so basic and so easy to accomplish, I was taught this in elementary school. As adults, we can absolutely participate in such minor but important details like the ideas listed above. 

Why a President Should Care About Climate Change

Here we are, a few hours past the time Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. It has only been a few hours into his POTUS status and he managed to launch a website that avoids mentioning Climate Change. If you ask me, and many other viewers, Climate Change should absolutely be on his "list of issues" that he wants to resolve/fix. I understand those of you who are saying "who cares? It is only his website"...BUT he had enough time to make his staff include information on all previous POTUS and FLOTUS information, background history, photos, etc. The line that climate change was given in his summary (without ever actually using the words CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING) are seen below, I took a photo of the article that does mention a minor side note on climate change. He can do much better & MUCH MORE than the small summary he listed below.

If you'd like to read it online yourself and check out his new website, click here. 

Resource taken from

Resource taken from


Now, I am asking you to do one thing for the sake of this election. Donald Trump is our President. We must respect & accept it. We must wish him and his family good luck and hope they excel and do great things. However, until climate change is accepted by his administration, I am asking you to write to them. Share your personal opinion, facts, resources, information, anything. Contact them weekly. Contact them daily. Contact them whenever you would like. But, please, contact them on this topic to help share your passion and your opinion with the world. 


See what the contact page will look like below. 

In the photo of a much younger Bernie Sanders below, the gentleman to the left of him with the hat that has a "P" on it is my papa. My papa was extremely involved in politics for as long as I can remember. He went on to be the Mayor of Plattsburgh and I have memories of visiting him in his office at City Hall & learning from him. I think the entire reason I chose to use my blog to address climate change has to do with him teaching me to speak up, share my opinion and stand up for what I believe in. Even though I am not a politician like he was, he helped shape me into the person I am today and I have more than one political tendency when it comes to issues like these...

From left to right: John "Jack" Stewart (City of Plattsburgh Alderman), Bernie Sanders (Mayor of Burlington, Vermont), Carlton Rennell (City of Plattsburgh Mayor)

From left to right: John "Jack" Stewart (City of Plattsburgh Alderman), Bernie Sanders (Mayor of Burlington, Vermont), Carlton Rennell (City of Plattsburgh Mayor)

Now, if you voted in this election, good! I'm happy to see anyone vote, I don't even care who you chose to vote for, I'm just glad you voted. America needed participation (especially from the generation that could finally vote!). I just hope you did. Looking back at the final 3 most successful candidates that ran for POTUS, Bernie Sanders was the most determined when it came to Climate Change/Global Warming. Keep in mind, I am not making this about who I voted for, who I believe will serve best, etc. I am looking at the candidates and judging them based on the climate change crisis we have on our hands. Who can make this better? Who COULD have made this better and chose not to? Bernie immediately shined light on it from the beginning of his campaign until now (because even after he stopped campaigning, he still campaigned for global warming). Now, the moral of the story, you do not have to be POTUS to shine a very bright (and much needed) light on the world that is changing due to our human activity and our choices. Since Bernie was not been elected, he has not sat down and he has not rested the topic of Climate Change once. The reason I say that is because he CHOSE to make a difference. He is choosing to speak up and work on this because he knows that the millennial generation were racking in votes behind him. They were listening to him. They were supporting him. they were believing in him. He never made it seem like you had to vote for him, he was honest and upfront and climate change was one of his biggest concerns. He just wanted the world to know what was going on and he wanted you to choose him if you BELIEVED in him and BELIEVED what he was telling you. He did an awesome job highlighting climate change. (If you want to read his website and his ideas, click here!) If you read his social media pages, climate change is actually discussed quite regularly. I really like to believe his passion for climate change is because he has a love for Vermont, and Vermont has a love for Lake Champlain, the surrounding mountains and environmental issues. His environmental love comes from his roots. As a millennial, I understand that by the time I am 50-60 years old, we will be dealing with the direct consequences we have caused to our planet and leaving them behind for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

Right now, we have an energy policy that is rigged to boost the profits of big oil companies like Exxon, BP, and Shell at the expense of average Americans. CEO’s are raking in record profits while climate change ravages our planet and our people — all because the wealthiest industry in the history of our planet has bribed politicians into complacency in the face of climate change. Enough is enough. It’s time for a political revolution that takes on the fossil fuel billionaires, accelerates our transition to clean energy, and finally puts people before the profits of polluters.

                                                                                                — Senator Bernie Sanders

Now, I was pretty young when Al Gore served as Vice President and later ran for President of the United States. I found interest in the Climate Reality Project when I watched an interview he had with NBC news before I left for class one day. I remember very clearly sitting through Criminology for an hour and a half researching everything he works on, believed in and continues to work on in regards to the climate change problem. I became fascinated with his level of knowledge on the topic and the groups of people he had behind him to help. He was honest, factual and full of references and sources. When I saw Al Gore had a meeting with Donald Trump on climate change, I have to tell you, I was so relieved. I really just hope Mr. Trump found fascination and passion with making the world better the way I did. I hope he chooses to listen. I also hope he publicly announces he will work to make this crisis better.

If you visit Al Gore's website, (click here), you can take a look at all of his projects and some information regarding what he works on daily. Not only do I consider him a role model, I consider him fascinating because he's one of the few using his media platform correctly and in a way that is going to benefit our world. Now, as individuals, we need to do ourselves a favor and listen. I highly recommend downloading and printing off the "Action Kit" he provides his readers. I love mine and I carry it with me in my blog portfolio everywhere (you never know when you might need it!). If you click here, you can see other celebrities who are actively involved with the fight against global warming. I find it extremely important to give them positive credit whether you like them or you don't.

The reason I wanted to reflect light on Bernie Sanders & Al Gore has nothing to do with who I chose to vote for, who you chose to vote for, etc. Who you wanted to vote for is your business and I 100% respect it and support your opinion. The real reason I chose to share Bernie Sanders & Al Gore's information has to do with the fact that climate change should not be determined by political party or who you vote for. Climate change should be NEUTRAL. It should always stand neutral. It should be respected and accepted by all. Whether you are a voting republican or a voting democrat, you should still be voting to fix the climate change crisis on our hands. The biggest problem we are facing as a whole (meaning ALL HUMANS) lies in the hands of climate change and global warming. I really can't say that enough. I can't write that any clearer.

So, where do we go from here?

I think the answer to this is very simple. Regardless of your political views, your ideas, your hopes and dreams, today is Inauguration Day. Today marks a day of transition & change. Since today has SO much change being thrown your way, I think we all need to CHANGE with the things that are happening as you read this and make a CHANGE to start working to repair the damage we have done to our planet and clean our acts up. Let's start on a positive note, let's start on a cleaner note. Let's make it world NATIONAL goal to fix climate change. Let's slow down the climate change timeline drastically by making a major & honest effort.